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Physical Resources

  • The Weston Historical Society Archives
    1901 Weston Road, Unit F
    These archives are open by appointment only.

    Resources found there are:
         -there are some photographs of some houses
         -directories that have not been scanned yet are available at the archives
    Biographical files
         -the Society has some files on prominent people in Weston
    Old Newspapers
    The Weston Times and Guide newspapers have been microfilmed and then digitized. These files are not searchable and generally not open to the public at this time. Research can be done for you if you request it, but you should supply sufficient background information to allow us to narrow the search criteria. This will enable volunteers to complete the work in a reasonable length of time. Contact cherri_whcd@teksavvy.com if you would like some research done with this resource.
  • City of Toronto Archives
    255 Spadina Road
    After entering the building, you should take the stairs to the second floor. At the top you will see the Reading Room is to the right. When you go to the Toronto Archives for the first time you will be asked to fill out a form. They will give you a card that has your researcher’s number on it. You are to sign in and out with your name and this number. No cell phones, food stuffs or pens (pencils only) are allowed in the Research Room. Lockers are supplied for bags, with a refundable cost of 25 cents. Most items must be ordered and can take up to 45 minutes to be retrieved from the Archive’s storage facility.

    Weston Assessment Rolls
          -from 1883 to 1966
    Might’s Toronto City directories
          -from 1911 to 1997
    Fire Insurance Maps
          -Parts of York for 1948, 1957, 1962 and 1964
    Building Permits
         - mixed in with the Weston Clerk’s Correspondence over the years
  • Toronto Reference Library
    789 Yonge Street
    City Directories
         -Complete holdings from 1911 to 1967
         -in book form and microfilm
         -pre-1900 Canadian directories are on CIHM microfiche
    Genealogy Resources
         -guides to doing genealogy
         -birth registration
         -ancestry.ca (with a library card and computer)
  • Ontario Archives
    134 Ian MacDonald Blvd. North York
    Land Records
         -Abstract property information concerning plans 5 to 274, no M-140 plan
                (abstract means a condensed version, lacking detail)
         -for years circa 1846 to 1958
         -on the same roll of film you will find an Abstract Index, circa 1800 to 1958
    Assessment Rolls
         -Film no. GS6415
         -1883-1900, alphabetical order by name
  • Metro Toronto Land Registry Office
    Atrium on Bay
    20 Dundas St. W.
    3rd Floor
    Bring cash to pay for copies
    Parcel Register and Land Titles
    If you have determined the date your house was built, it is not absolutely necessary to visit the Land Registry Office. The land records give you the complete history of who owned the land that your house is on and this information can go back much further than the age of your house. Deeds, surveys and family information have been found accidentally mixed in with the land information. The Land Registry is constantly changing how they do things, so it is best just to go there and tell them you are researching a property. They will instruct you how to go about it.
  • Architectural Books

    Fram, Mark. Well-Preserved: The Ontario Heritage Foundation's Manual of Principles and Practice for Architectural Conservation, 3rd revised edition. Erin, Ontario: Boston Mills Press, 2003

    Humphreys, Barbara A. and Meredith Sykes. The Buildings of Canada: A Guide to pre-20th-century styles in houses, churches and other structures. Montreal: The Reader’s Digest Association (Canada) Ltd., 1980.


    Badone, Donalda. The Complete House Detective: An Ontario house and its history. Erin, Ontario: Boston Mills Press, 1988.

    Cruickshank, Tom and John de Visser. Old Ontario Houses: Traditions in Local Architecture. Willowdale: Firefly Books Ltd., 2000.

    Mikel, Robert. Ontario House Styles: The distinctive architecture of the province’s 18th and 19th century homes. Toronto: James Lorimer & Company Ltd., 2004.


    Cruickshank, Tom and John de Visser. Old Toronto Houses, 2nd Edition. Richmond Hill: Firefly Books Ltd., 2008.

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