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Online Resources

  • Surveyors’ Plans – These were created when a large parcel of land was divided, or a new road was constructed. Most houses do not predate a plan. If your house does, sometimes there will be a note or drawing of it on the plan. The surveyors’ plans can help you understand your lot designation and exactly where your property sits in the area. Plans can also change over the years. Not all plans came to fruition; some died on the drawing table. Your property can be on more than one lot, it can be part of a lot, or parts of many lots.
Click on the Plan Number to view the plan
AreaPlan No.Year
Weston Rd., Beech St., Jane St., and Lawrence Ave.M1401890
Joseph St., Elm St., King St.M3371894
North Station St., Grattan Street, Robert Street, Joseph Street, Church StreetM3381911
Lawrence Ave., Jane St., Rosemount Ave., John St., William StreetM3961853
Eagle Ave., Jane St., William St., Ralph St.M4651923
Springmount, MacDonald, Wadsworth, William, HelenM4721923
John Street, Elm St., Humber River and Woodward Ave.51846
Jane Street, Lawrence Ave., William Street, South Station Street501853
Weston Rd., Beech St., Jane St., and Lawrence Ave.1821856
North Station St., John Street, South Station Street and Lawrence Ave.2231857
John and Rosemount2351858
Rosemount, Maria, Elm, North Station Street2641862
John and Rosemount2721863
King Street, Elm St., Railroad tracks, Church Street2731864
Elm to Jane, Beech to Dufferin (Lawrence)526, part 31883
Humber River to Elm Street526, part 41883
William and Rosemount, Lawrence5841884
King St., Elm St., North Station Street, Church St.7231887
Church Street, Wadsworth Cres., Brentwood St.11101891
Joseph St., Elm St., King St.11641894
Joseph St., Beech St., King15111910
Church St., Wadsworth Crescent17041912
William St., MacDonald Ave., College St.17291912
Rosemount Ave., Springmount Ave., William Street, Macdonald Ave.24091923
Rosemount Ave., Lawrence Ave., Springmount Ave.32621946
  • Goad’s and Other Fire Insurance Maps – These maps were used by insurance companies to estimate the amount of insurance needed for a building. They are street maps showing the shape, size and construction material of buildings, plan numbers, former house numbers, etc. These were first published in 1880, but the first one to have Weston in it is dated 1910. If you compare different years you can narrow down your search for the date your house was built, or when additions were done.

  • Click on the plate number to view the Fire Insurance Maps:
    Plate 79  |   Plate 80Plate 79  |   Plate 80Plate 79  |   Plate 80Plate 1738 |  Plate 1956

  • Visit the following link to view examples of Fire Insurance Plan legends:
    Fire Insurance Plan legend
    The third one is the one that relates to the Fire Insurance Plans for Weston.
  • Transcribed Weston Assessment Rolls and Directories – Originally, the assessment roll books housed the information that was compiled each year for tax collection. The information found in these documents may include anything from the names of the former owners to the value of the property. The format changed through the years and there is less information available as you move backward chronologically. You will see at a certain time, if working backward, that house numbers disappear, then lot and plan numbers, until a house is described only by the street it is on.

    Volunteers have transcribed a number of the rolls into Excel spreadsheets. Transcriptions are available for every year for the period 1911 to 1923 and every fifth year thereafter. In addition, each year’s data is now sorted by street name. For some streets, we have combined the data so that it is possible to track the changes that have occurred on the street since 1911. In a few instances, we have sorted the data by individual house number, making it easy to determine when the house was built.

    You will need Microsoft Excel or a copy of a similar program to open, copy and manipulate these files.

    While the Weston Directories don’t provide as much information, they are still helpful. They have also been transcribed and organized. They are more recent in age than the assessment rolls.

    You can thank our many volunteers for all the hard work they did transcribing these records. The assessment rolls and directories are courtesy of the City of Toronto Archives.

    Click here to access the
    Assessment Rolls & Directories Organized by Street (AR&DOS)

    Very early assessment rolls were organized by ward and then alphabetically by owner. Some of these have been transcribed. They are helpful if your house is very old and predates the information found in the transcriptions of the AR&DOS. These are only useful after you have checked out the AR&DOS.

    Click here to access the
    Transcribed Assessment Rolls Organized by Year and Alphabetically

  • Photographed Assessment Rolls - Some very early assessment rolls have been photographed but not transcribed.

    Click here to access the
    Photographed Assessment Rolls

  • City Directories - City of Toronto Directories were published approximately every five years from 1833 until 1861. Thereafter, they were published annually. The City Directories don’t include Weston until 1911. The directories list the head of the household, their occupation, or whether the lot was vacant, under construction, etc. You can follow the years back until the address disappears and this will give you a rough idea of when the house was built. Just because there is no number, it does not necessarily mean there is no house. Check a number of years back to confirm that it is really not there. The very early directories give only a name and occupation and some only list business people. These are not transcribed.

    Click on the link to go to a list of directories available online.

    Not all of the directories found at this link contain Weston listings. The following table provides a summary of directories that contain Weston-area listings. The earliest of these predate Weston’s incorporation, so people are listed under York County, York Township or the Home District. It is very hard to track a house back this far with any certainty, but you may find information on the home owner.

    YearTitlePage NO.
    1833York (County) Commercial Directory231234
    1837The City of Toronto and Home District Commercial Directory231234
    1846Brown’s Toronto city and Home District Directory287295
    1850Rowsell’s city of Toronto and County of York Directory371382
    1866Mitchell & Co.’s general directory for the City of Toronto and gazetteer of the counties of York366374
    1870 (York County)County of York gazetteer and directory161163
    1871 (York County)Nason’s east and west ridings of the County of York139141
    1876 (York County)Fisher & Taylor’s county of York townships directory154169
    1881(York County)County of York gazetteer and directory222223
    1897The Toronto city directory16371639
    1909 (York Township)Directory of the township of York including the incorporated village of Weston145153
    1911Toronto City directory4751
    1912Toronto City directory6064
    1913 (Internet Archive)Toronto City directory52
    1914 (Internet Archive)Toronto City directory5255
    1915 (Internet Archive)Toronto City directory6872
    1916 (Internet Archive)Toronto City directory6872
    1917 (Internet Archive)Toronto City directory7376
    1918 (Internet Archive)Toronto City directory6671
    1919 (Internet Archive)Toronto City directory116123
    1920 (Internet Archive)Toronto City directory118125
    1921 (Internet Archive)Toronto City directory116123
    1922 (Internet Archive)Toronto City directory182191
    1923 (Internet Archive)Toronto City directory183191
    1924 (Internet Archive)Toronto City directory19331943
    1925 (Internet Archive)Toronto City directory20002013
    1926 (Internet Archive)Toronto City directory19521954
  • Building Permits - A few building permits have been found for houses in Weston. Click on the street that you are researching to find the permits that have been discovered for that street. If there is no link to a street, then no permits have been found for that street at this time.

    Beech StreetChurch StreetElm StreetKing Street
    John StreetJoseph StreetKing StreetQueens Drive
    Maria StreetPine StreetQueens DriveWilliam Street
    Springmount Ave.Wadsworth Ave.William Street366
  • Google or Ancestry.ca - Once you have found all the owners and tenants that lived in your house, try searching the names on the internet. It is possible that they may turn out to be the sister, brother, aunt, etc of some famous person. Ancestry.ca  is available for free from any library computer with your library card.
  • Canadian Census - Use the Canadian Census records (1851-1921) to find your property owner and their related family members and to learn more about their jobs, religion, etc. Census records can also be accessed using Ancestry.ca. The 1921 is only available digitally using Ancestry.ca
    • Census records for 1851-1911 are available online through Library and Archives Canada at:
  • The WHCD Digital Built Form and Landscape Survey Form (BFLS) - Once you have registered as a member of the WHCD you can use this form to input and organize the information you have gathered. It is also the form required by Toronto Preservation Services for the designation of Weston as a Heritage Conservation District. When you are on the website click on the button “Edit Your House” at the top of the screen to use this form.

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